Monday, March 8, 2010

Unplug the Machine

I stand aghast at the fact that California now has a 12.5% unemployment rate and that the public employee unions are suing the Governor (the State) because of furlough days. The public is beginning to look at the union as representing a bunch of whiners. Can you imagine the audacity of expecting more money out of the State while there are so many unemployed? From where do they think the tax money comes that supports their hefty salary and compensation packages?

Unions have an endless supply of money to fight with while they deplete the State Treasury of precious funds. What's worse, union members throughout the State have dues taken out of their paychecks involuntarily that help fund the politicians who are driving our State into insolvency. Ironically, there are many State workers who don't support the actions of their unions, but have no viable recourse.

Let's level the playing field. Sign the petition to get an initiative on the ballot that will stop the raiding of public employee paychecks, the money of which goes to fight the State and make unreasonable demands for increased pay and compensation. Download and sign the petition...better yet, get a few friends/neighbors to sign one also! Unions need to raise money like the rest of us person at a time, on a voluntary basis! Click on the title for link.

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Frank said...

I do not believe that the unions are acting on behalf of ALL their members regarding the furlough fight. If they win in court, the Governor unquestionably has the authority to do layoffs and I believe he will. How is the union representing it's members who have less senority? They take their dues from them, and then with those same dues fight a court battle that could cost them their jobs?????