Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bully in the White House

As I listened to portions of President Obama's speech today in Iowa, there was a very unpresidential and disquieting tone in his remarks to the audience. He was taunting his political opponents in a way that I have never witnessed in a President. As I thought further through the day, I finally pinned down the attitude that permeated his words and gestures. Where have I seen this attitude before? Ah yes, in school yards and parks where bullies taunt and belittle their victims with impunity.

(Congress, this last Sunday, gave this man carte blanche to jab, poke, and belittle the people in this Country who are on the unfortunate side of history.)

I have to admit, I am not used to seeing my President regard 60% of my Countrymen with such contempt. As a nation, he has led us across a line into territory where we have no experience. The result of the health care vote is far more than the ramifications of a poorly written bill. It is even more than the ever-growing nanny-state. It has brought us face to face with the realization that we now have a Bully in the People's House.

Election 2010 can send the Bully to the proverbial "corner" and hopefully begin the steps back across the line where we have the familiarity of a more civil society, and a President who respects those who have given him the consent to govern.

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