Friday, April 30, 2010

The Melding of Science and Culture

A young friend of mine asked me the other day more about representative government and why people continue voting in representatives who cast votes so diametrically opposed to their consituents.

It's kind of complicated, I believe, but it is a result of very trusting people being too busy to notice that the party/persons they have been electing align themselves with a loud, but vocal minority. This minority not only has the benefit of sympathetic media, but the support of the scientific community who produce data that helps move their agenda forward. This, in turn, is presented to these representatives in the form of hearings and run as news stories. The general populace doesn't have time to investigate. They use the media, with top of the hour newscasts and the like, to assure themselves that they have a basic idea of what is going on, and think, "Surely my representatives will investigate further." But the harsh reality is that no one investigates, not even the major news outlets.

This all seems so conspiratorial until you actually step back and take a look at what has happened in science, and why the general population has to begin to be more critical of their findings...because there is money to be made, lots of money, in grants from foundations, and more importantly from governments and bodies like the UN when scientists conduct studies that can impact people throughout the globe. And when a "trend" is noted, of course more money is needed to conduct more studies. These results intrude in our daily lives, even in the smallest way.

The recent revelations in the global warming community are a case in point. It is clear by the content of the emails that these scientists realized their livelihood depended on findings that would help promote the belief in climate change. I purposely use the word "belief" because it has become apparent that it is more belief than fact. Contradictory data is thrown out or disregarded; scientists who have other findings are not allowed to publish in major journals (well-documented in the movie Expelled.)

In the meantime, our daily lives are being impacted by these "findings" in political decisions, legislation and agency mandates. I'm watching my life become "engineered" by someone who knows better than I what is good for me--now, down to the light bulbs I use and the lamps I buy. All for a more "green" environment. I don't want these light bulbs. The light they cast is very obnoxious to me, and what's worse...they contain mercury!!! Since when is disposing mercury-laden light bulbs into landfills a good thing? Oh, yes, they need special disposal. But how many people know that? How many know that? It doesn't take too many who are in the dark (no pun intended)to create a real problem, a poisonous problem, for us. So, has anyone in any major news organization questioned the use of these bulbs? How can they possibly be better for us?

I guess, someone needs to follow the money...someone is making a bundle off of this sham!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jaime Escalante

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that the man who challenged the stereotypes about achievement in inner city schools died in Reno, Nevada where he was undergoing treatment for cancer. He made a difference in the lives he touched and allowed students to believe they could reach their goals with hard work and dedication. Students in his calculus classes overcame near-impossible odds in passing the AP Calculus exams in high numbers, allowing many to attend 4 year colleges right out of high school. I am sure he left a lasting impression on their lives.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bully in the White House

As I listened to portions of President Obama's speech today in Iowa, there was a very unpresidential and disquieting tone in his remarks to the audience. He was taunting his political opponents in a way that I have never witnessed in a President. As I thought further through the day, I finally pinned down the attitude that permeated his words and gestures. Where have I seen this attitude before? Ah yes, in school yards and parks where bullies taunt and belittle their victims with impunity.

(Congress, this last Sunday, gave this man carte blanche to jab, poke, and belittle the people in this Country who are on the unfortunate side of history.)

I have to admit, I am not used to seeing my President regard 60% of my Countrymen with such contempt. As a nation, he has led us across a line into territory where we have no experience. The result of the health care vote is far more than the ramifications of a poorly written bill. It is even more than the ever-growing nanny-state. It has brought us face to face with the realization that we now have a Bully in the People's House.

Election 2010 can send the Bully to the proverbial "corner" and hopefully begin the steps back across the line where we have the familiarity of a more civil society, and a President who respects those who have given him the consent to govern.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Constitutional Challenge on Health Care Bill is Readied

Mark Levin, noted constitutional lawyer, has prepared the arguments against what is going on in Congress at this moment. The way the vote on health care is being carried out goes to the core of our form of government and law-making. If this group in the House is allowed to continue in this vein they will be out of control in the truest sense and laws will no longer be made with the permission of the governed.

I pray for my country.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

US of Banana Republic

(Link to the article by clicking on the title above or using link at end of post.)

Anyone who grew up in the US knows that there are procedures in place for a law to pass in the United States Congress. After a bill has passed both Houses, if there are disparities in the bills, leaders from both Houses go to "Conference." This is where the differences are hammered out and the bills are re-presented to both Houses for passage.

Well, with the battle of a lifetime in front of them, House Democrats see that the passage of the Health Care bill before them (Senate version) will not pass because of the smelly backroom deals, the lack of a public option, and most especially the abortion language. So, they are literally making up new rules in the House that would allow them to add/take away the most objectable language, and then just "deem" the bill as passed!

I can't believe this is happening in America.

Call your Congressman/Senator and let them know this is unacceptable.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Unplug the Machine

I stand aghast at the fact that California now has a 12.5% unemployment rate and that the public employee unions are suing the Governor (the State) because of furlough days. The public is beginning to look at the union as representing a bunch of whiners. Can you imagine the audacity of expecting more money out of the State while there are so many unemployed? From where do they think the tax money comes that supports their hefty salary and compensation packages?

Unions have an endless supply of money to fight with while they deplete the State Treasury of precious funds. What's worse, union members throughout the State have dues taken out of their paychecks involuntarily that help fund the politicians who are driving our State into insolvency. Ironically, there are many State workers who don't support the actions of their unions, but have no viable recourse.

Let's level the playing field. Sign the petition to get an initiative on the ballot that will stop the raiding of public employee paychecks, the money of which goes to fight the State and make unreasonable demands for increased pay and compensation. Download and sign the petition...better yet, get a few friends/neighbors to sign one also! Unions need to raise money like the rest of us person at a time, on a voluntary basis! Click on the title for link.

Legendary Teacher, Jaime Escalante

I was inspired by the story of this Bolivian born teacher who showed up at Garfield high school in the 1980's and took what seemed to be an impossible pool of students and inspired them to break out of the negative stereotypes associated with inner city schools. Mr. Escalante took class after class of students through high level calculus courses against all odds, receiving high scores on Advanced Placement exams. His story was made into a movie called Stand and Deliver.

He is now into his late '70's and is battling cancer. Edward Olmos, who portrayed Escalante in the movie has taken it upon himself to make an appeal to help the retired teacher with the costs associated with his care. According to the news story, Mr. Escalante has depleted all of his funds. Olmos' hope is to help him beat back the cancer, or at least give him the highest level of care to be comfortable in his closing days of life. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.