Monday, March 8, 2010

Isn't it Ironic?

Listening to a report tonight on the Iraqi elections, it struck me that it appears that voter identification is very important there. They want to make sure that someone has the right to vote, doesn't vote twice, and is registered in the precinct at which they appear. Hmmmm. Makes me wonder if we could do something like that in the USA. No one ever asks for my ID at a precinct, nor is it verified. As long as I show up, am the right sex, and have the correct address, I'm in! The few states that pass laws on voter ID are denigrated as racist. Yet, a country that we are helping, has voter ID, and purple ink as the "enforcer."


CharityLiz said...

Good point. I often wonder if anyone is really taking the time to check for double votes. Seems like they tally everything so fast--how could there be time to make sure the voter is legit/ not a repeat??

Tim said...

i love the purple ink finger! bring it!

CharityLiz said...

Speaking of questionable government processes...Guess what I just got in the mail? A letter from the US government letting me know that I will be receiving a Census soon and it's important to respond. That's it. That was the point of the letter! Couldn't they have just included that sentence on the outside of the envelope for the actual census instead of sending me a separate preemptive letter just to say it's on it's way. It made me shudder to think of the cost of postage for one of these pointless letters being sent to every home in the country!!!

Frank said...

My thoughts exactly ... bring out the ink!

Concerning the Census ... you have the right to remain silent. By the way, I read someone was going to take the government to court over it's non-contitutionality of gathering all that info.