Friday, April 30, 2010

The Melding of Science and Culture

A young friend of mine asked me the other day more about representative government and why people continue voting in representatives who cast votes so diametrically opposed to their consituents.

It's kind of complicated, I believe, but it is a result of very trusting people being too busy to notice that the party/persons they have been electing align themselves with a loud, but vocal minority. This minority not only has the benefit of sympathetic media, but the support of the scientific community who produce data that helps move their agenda forward. This, in turn, is presented to these representatives in the form of hearings and run as news stories. The general populace doesn't have time to investigate. They use the media, with top of the hour newscasts and the like, to assure themselves that they have a basic idea of what is going on, and think, "Surely my representatives will investigate further." But the harsh reality is that no one investigates, not even the major news outlets.

This all seems so conspiratorial until you actually step back and take a look at what has happened in science, and why the general population has to begin to be more critical of their findings...because there is money to be made, lots of money, in grants from foundations, and more importantly from governments and bodies like the UN when scientists conduct studies that can impact people throughout the globe. And when a "trend" is noted, of course more money is needed to conduct more studies. These results intrude in our daily lives, even in the smallest way.

The recent revelations in the global warming community are a case in point. It is clear by the content of the emails that these scientists realized their livelihood depended on findings that would help promote the belief in climate change. I purposely use the word "belief" because it has become apparent that it is more belief than fact. Contradictory data is thrown out or disregarded; scientists who have other findings are not allowed to publish in major journals (well-documented in the movie Expelled.)

In the meantime, our daily lives are being impacted by these "findings" in political decisions, legislation and agency mandates. I'm watching my life become "engineered" by someone who knows better than I what is good for me--now, down to the light bulbs I use and the lamps I buy. All for a more "green" environment. I don't want these light bulbs. The light they cast is very obnoxious to me, and what's worse...they contain mercury!!! Since when is disposing mercury-laden light bulbs into landfills a good thing? Oh, yes, they need special disposal. But how many people know that? How many know that? It doesn't take too many who are in the dark (no pun intended)to create a real problem, a poisonous problem, for us. So, has anyone in any major news organization questioned the use of these bulbs? How can they possibly be better for us?

I guess, someone needs to follow the money...someone is making a bundle off of this sham!

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